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Experts seem to think Diggs robbed himself of a higher payday by entering the draft a year early. nike tn requin pas cher Of course the other side of the coin is you take any opportunity that presents itself. In your opinion, is Stefon Diggs ready to play on Sundays? There is certainly a fair argument to be made on either side of Diggs’ decision, but most people expected him to leave after his junior year with the Terps. If he had stayed, he likely would have had a quarterback with a better arm throwing to him in 2015, but he ultimately decided that it was in his best interests to leave early. I believe that he is more than ready to play at the next level. He was the best player on Randy Edsall’s team for each of his three years in College Park, and has the skill set necessary to compete in the NFL. air max pas cher pour femme Maryland fans are certainly familiar with Diggs, but for those who maybe don’t follow college football often, how would you describe Diggs’ skill set? What are his strengths and weaknesses? ZK: Stefon Diggs is the prototypical college slot receiver. He has excellent agility and quickness, while also possessing the speed to get behind the defense on vertical routes. His footwork and route-running abilities got better each year with the Maryland Terrapins, especially after Randy Edsall hired former NFL wideout Keenan McCardell as his wide receivers coach before Diggs’ junior year. While he spent most of his time at slot receiver in offensive coordinator Mike Locksley’s multiple spread system, he also saw some time on the outside as the team’s flanker. His size (6’0″, 190 lbs.) and skill set gave him the ability to play both inside and outside for the Terps. nike requin tn pas cher The team had planned to move him outside permanently before the 2014 season to improve his NFL Draft stock, but were ultimately forced to move him back inside before the first game of the season due to Levern Jacobs’ suspension. nike air max pas cher Diggs’ main weakness is probably his route-running. While he has certainly improved himself in that regard during his time with the Terrapins, he still struggles to run crisp routes at times. In Locksley’s system, Diggs was mostly running vertical or underneath routes, while his outside receivers ran the routes typical of NFL receivers (digs, outs, posts, etc.). Based on his skill set, what kind of offense will Diggs be best suited in? More important to us locally, how about the Ravens West Coast system? ZK: With the NFL moving to offenses that feature more and more wide receivers and college-style concepts, Stefon Diggs will fit well into what many teams are looking to accomplish offensively. He would fit well into a slot receiver role for any team looking to spread the defense out with 3-4 wide receivers and throw more short and intermediate passes to get their receivers in space. He likely doesn’t fit into a team looking to execute an Air Coryell-type system where receivers are relied on to beat cornerbacks on the outside in one-on-one matchups. Diggs stands only 6-feet tall and does not have much experience running those types of routes.

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